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Help! My Dog Is Very Afraid of Thunderstorms

While many of us are routinely caught without our umbrellas, our four legged friends knew before the weatherman that a thunderstorm was headed their direction. Dogs, as well as other animals, have keen senses astute to minute changes in the barometer. It is likely they can also smell changes in the air, such as the ozone produced by lightning. This adaptation would have been helpful to dogs in the wild, allowing them to find safe shelter before a storm. Unfortunately, to some of our domesticated pets, the changing atmosphere signals an unknown danger that can trigger immense anxiety and fear.

Help Available For Seniors Who Want To Keep Driving

Jennifer Lang knows how important it is for senior citizens to keep their driver’s licenses.

Event Celebrates 10th Year In Public Safety Building

Dixon firefighters and police officers will host a free community event on Aug. 6 that will mark the 10-year anniversary in the Public Safety Building. All ages are welcome from 6-11 p.m. The event will be in front of the Public Safety Building. There will be a beer garden, a bounce house, face painting, a 50/50 raffle and a cookout with pork chops and hot dogs donated by the Dixon Elks Club. Culver’s will also be passing out custard. Classic rock music will be provided by Snap Shot.

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