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Accessible Churches

This is a list of area churches that have installed devices to accommodate people with mobility issues. Many on the list were outfitted by Nu-Trend Accessibility Systems Inc. (309-797-4647). Nu-Trend is a company that for decades has been providing specialized devices, including elevators and elevator stairs, for churches, nursing homes, hospitals and private homes.


  • Assembly of God, 933 Mekeel Road; 815-284-3090
  • Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, 2035 IL Route 26; 815-284-4554
  • Church of the Brethren, 215 North Court; 815-284-2711
  • First Baptist Church, 111 E. 2nd St.; 815-284-6823
  • First Presbyterian Church, 110 East 3rd Street; 815-284-7741
  • First United Methodist Church, 202 South Peoria Avenue; 815-284-2849
  • Grace United Methodist Church, 921 E. Chamberlin; 815-288-1505
  • Northside Baptist Church, 598 River Lane; 815-288-5212
  • Sauk Valley Community Church, 498 Illinois Route # 2; 815-288-7000
  • St. James Evangelical Congregational Church, 1552 Highway U.S. 52; 815-288-2446
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 221 West 3rd Street; 815-288-2151
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church, 421 S. Peoria Ave.; 815-288-2757
  • The Worship Center Ministries, 403 N. Ottawa; 815-677-9694

Rock Falls

  • First Christian Church, 506 5th Ave.; 815-626-2271
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 435 Martin Road; 815-625-3376
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church, 501 8th Avenue; 815-625-3575
  • Rock Falls United Methodist Church, 210 4th Avenue; 815-625-0114
  • Rock River Christian Center, 1800 Prophet Road; 815-625-4371
  • St. Andrew Catholic Church, 708 10th Ave.; 815-625-4508


  • 16th Avenue Church of Christ, 1902 16th Ave.; 815-625-2251
  • Abiding Word Church, 806 E. Lynn Blvd.; 815-626-1827
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1904 18th Ave.; 815-625-0351
  • First Christian Church, 3400 6th Ave.; 815-625-6851
  • First Congregational (Big Red Church), 311 Second Ave.; 815-625-5112
  • First Presbyterian Church, 410 2nd Ave.; 815-625-0452
  • First United Methodist Church, 501 Broadway; 815-625-0244
  • Messiah Lutheran Church, 1601 Ave. F; 815-625-2284
  • New Life Lutheran Church, 702 West Lynn Blvd.; 815-499-6552
  • Sacred Heart Parish, 2224 Ave. J; 815-625-1134
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church, 703 3rd Avenue; 815-625-2634
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 600 Avenue B; 815-625-0640
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1701 16th Ave.; 815-625-3069
  • Trinity United Methodist Church, 205 E. 10th St.; 815-626-7777
  • Wesley United Methodist Church, 2200 16th Ave.; 815-625-1968


New Perspectives for the New Year

Kids' Kindness, Generosity Pop Up on Giving Tuesday

St. Mary Catholic Church in Sterling

Spring flowery vista of St. Mary Catholic Church in Sterling as viewed from the southwest entrance of the Sterling Library.

Seeing the Light

Work continues on the stained glass windows at the First Congregation Church, Sterling. The 118-year-old church has 60 stained glass windows. The church is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rock Falls Pantry Offers Personal Hygeine Items And Cleaning Supplies

The Bear Necessities Personal Care Pantry is a ministry of Rock Falls United Methodist Church.

Dixon Life Chain Planned For Oct. 2

Lee County Life is sponsoring the Dixon Life Chain. All are invited to attend and spend time in this quiet and prayerful manner from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 2, on the southwest side of the Galena Avenue bridge, Dixon.

Churches To Honor First Responders

Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rock Falls and St. Paul and St John’s Lutheran Churches in Sterling are working together to participate in “God’s Work, Our Hands” day on Sept. 11. These three congregations are part of the nearly 10,000 congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) participating in this nationwide endeavor.

Presbyterian Church Celebrates Pastor’s 25 Years Of Ordination

First Presbyterian Church, Dixon, recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of ordination as a minister of word and sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA) for their pastor, Rev. Dr. David Spaulding, with a reception. Gifts of a pottery chalice, paten communion set and a gift card were presented to Spaulding.

Page-turning View Of The SVS At

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East Jordan To Host 10th Farm Heritage Festival

The 10th annual Farm Heritage Festival of East Jordan Church, 22027 Polo Road, Sterling, will be Saturday, Aug. 27. Admission and parking are free.

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