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Declutter by Design

Decluttering is a Life Long Process

Riches In The Sauk Valley

Ps 90: 17 …Establish the work of our hands.

Every month we are astounded by the rich array of culture, service, goodness and love that is expressed in the stories that come to us.

It is humbling to know that the Sauk Valley Sun is entrusted with the honor of communicating to benefit people in our community and noble purposes.

We want your stories! Send them to sauksun@

With abiding faith and enthusiasm, Judy

Letters To The Editor October 2016

Thank You!

A heartfelt “thanks” to each and every one for all of the cards and for the countless expressions of good wishes as we celebrated our 60th anniversary. It was truly great hearing from so many of you. Also, a “thank you” to all of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for your part in making our weekend family celebration as great as it possibly could be. We have been blessed many ways, and now we have added one more blessing to our lives. So for lack of any better words, once again we say, “Thank you.”

Richard and Nancy Janssen, Milledgeville>

On My Mind & In My Heart: The Perfect Cover-Up

The temperature dips, the wind howls, a chill creeps across my floor and my furnace makes a strange groaning sound. I curl my feet up onto my chair, set my cup of tea on the table and I reach for an old familiar friend, my blanket.

Why Don’t They Answer The Phone?

It seems to me that my kids don’t want to answer their cell phones, even when they can see that it’s me calling.

SVCC Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Success at Sauk Valley Community College is achieved by students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. As a testament to the rich diversity of our students, Sauk observes National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 through October.

Page-turning View Of The SVS At

At the website issuu. com/SVsun you can read issue after issue of the Sauk Valley Sun with page-turning ability. In addition, the site allows you to zoom in or out, which is especially nice for those who want larger print.

From The Publisher’s Desk

We HATE missing anything! So we agonize when we receive information that is too late for any issue.

Sterling Considers Street Changes

Sterling Mayor Skip Lee has agreed to answer readers’ questions. We at the Sun feel that this is an effective way to directly address your concerns about your community. Here are His Honor’s responses to this month’s inquiries.

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