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Lassoing the Moon with the Winter Circle

Yee - Haw !

Reagan Home Honors Former Board Presidents

St. Mary Catholic Church in Sterling

Spring flowery vista of St. Mary Catholic Church in Sterling as viewed from the southwest entrance of the Sterling Library.

Sublette’s Toy Show for Kids of All Ages

Lovin’ Those Eagles

The Doctor Is In: Tips For Staying Healthy Through The Cooler Autumn Months

With these chillier winds and leaves flying around, autumn has almost arrived in the Sauk Valley. As the thermometer gradually falls, you begin to spend more time indoors. Here are some ideas to help you stay healthy.

Pigeon Racing Still Thrives In The Sauk Valley

A sport that is present today can actually be traced back to the Bronze Age (2400-1500 BC) in Mesopotamia. It is mentioned in the Old Testament in the story of Noah and the flood, and it has become the symbol of the third person of the Trinity. What is it? It’s the pigeon.

Chautauqua Event Returns To Grist Mill

On Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 10 and 11, the Singing Bird Chautauqua will be held at the Franklin Creek Grist Mill in Franklin Creek State Natural Area just outside Franklin Grove.

Travel Industry Continues To Grow

The Illinois Department of Commerce’s Office of Tourism announced recently that the tourism industry in Illinois achieved continued growth in 2015, with expenditures – the total amount of money travelers spend during their time in Illinois – topping $37 billion, a 2.6 percent increase from 2014.

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