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Submitting Press Releases

The Sauk Valley Sun is all about our community! We welcome you to tell us …

  • About your organization.
  • About your awards and the awards received by members of your family.
  • About the interesting, unique or unusual that happens in our area.
  • People who are doing good things. Simply use these guidelines:
  • Submit all information by the deadline (see below) each month to
  • Include contact information, such as name, phone or e-mail.
  • Provide information in complete sentences and include WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE and HOW. Newsletters and flyers are not considered press releases. To make a press release from a newsletter or flyer, simply restate the information as described above.
  • Shorter is better than longer. About 300 words or less is ideal.
  • The price of the event for fundraising activities for nonprofit organizations may be printed once. A phone number needs to be provided for people to call for more information.
  • Photographs may be e-mailed as .jpg files with a resolution of at least 300 DPI. Groups are welcome to submit their own photographs of any event along with a caption identifying the people in the photo. If you want The Sauk Valley Sun to write about an event, please contact us directly so it can be determined if we are able to cover the event in the time frame available and with appropriate staff.

If you need to do more, please consider a display advertisement offered at a nonprofit rate that is 10% less than the rate card.

Again, we are all about you, our community, and how we connect to make life better every day.

Press Release Deadlines

  • December 2017 - Due November 13 - In Post Office November 17 (in time Thanksgiving and Black Friday Deals)
  • January/February 2018 - Due December 16 - In Post Office December 21 (in time for the Holidays)
  • March 2018 - Due February 19 - In Post Office February 26
  • April 2018 - Due March 21 - In Post Office March 28
  • May 2018 - Due April 18 - In Post Office April 25
  • April 2017 - Due March 20 - In Post Office March 29 (in time for Easter)

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