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Why Don’t They Answer The Phone?

It seems to me that my kids don’t want to answer their cell phones, even when they can see that it’s me calling.

Installing Linux: Teaching An Old PC New Tricks

An old laptop and I have learned a few new tricks and have found a way to work together for a few more years. I did it by switching from Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system to Linux. What I’ve discovered is the open-source operating system isn’t nearly as mysterious or scary as some would have you believe.

New Website Promotes Local Authors

A newly created website is promoting members of the Sauk Creative Writer’s Group who have published books. The site (saukcreativewriters. also features information about the group’s upcoming meetings, activities along with creative writing prompts and story telling tips.

Page-turning View Of The SVS At

At the website issuu. com/SVsun you can read issue after issue of the Sauk Valley Sun with page-turning ability. In addition, the site allows you to zoom in or out, which is especially nice for those who want larger print.

Unplugged: A Month Without Electronics

My 11-year-old son, Lenny, sat up in his hospital gown sipping apple juice just after outpatient surgery to put tubes in his ears.

Miracle On Facebook: Lifesaving Reunion

Linda lived by Moonlight Bay marina about 40 years ago and rode the school bus with Brian in high school. After graduation, they went their separate ways. Linda eventually married and lived in Wisconsin.

Polo Computer Classes Open To All

Polo Senior Center is offering computer classes, open to adults, from 12:30-2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 7-30.

Tech Q&A: Beware Of The Sneaky Windows 10 Update

Q: I don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10! Is there any way to stop the upgrade?

CEO Class To Host Its 3rd Trade Show

Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO), a unique class offered through Whiteside Area Career Center, will hold its third annual CEO Trade Show May 3-4 at Northland Mall in Sterling.

Worldwide Listeners Enjoy Unique Format Of Lost Lake Radio

On the banks of the mighty Lost Lake of western Illinois, a secluded studio sheltered from the turmoil and confusion of the world emits a constant stream of “feel good” news, information and entertainment through cyberspace.

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