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The Life Of A Weather Intern

Interning at a local TV station was better than I had imagined. I showed up at the CBS affiliate WHBF in Rock Island with images of coffee runs and doughnuts. My expectation came from watching the roles of interns depicted on television; the errand runners, doers of work considered inconvenient but necessary for the place to function. I’m happy those TV depictions didn’t come true, at least not for me.

Page-turning View Of The SVS At

At the website issuu. com/SVsun you can read issue after issue of the Sauk Valley Sun with page-turning ability. In addition, the site allows you to zoom in or out, which is especially nice for those who want larger print.

Letter To The Editor: Which Direction Does Lightning Really Go?

Thank you for your interesting article about lightning that appeared in the Sauk Valley Sun.

Help! My Dog Is Very Afraid of Thunderstorms

While many of us are routinely caught without our umbrellas, our four legged friends knew before the weatherman that a thunderstorm was headed their direction. Dogs, as well as other animals, have keen senses astute to minute changes in the barometer. It is likely they can also smell changes in the air, such as the ozone produced by lightning. This adaptation would have been helpful to dogs in the wild, allowing them to find safe shelter before a storm. Unfortunately, to some of our domesticated pets, the changing atmosphere signals an unknown danger that can trigger immense anxiety and fear.

Types Of Lightning Explained

Back in June, I had the opportunity to storm chase with Tim Bejster, and I witnessed one of the most incredible displays of near constant cloud-to-ground lightning. It served as a reminder that there are different types of lightning that we see around our area.

Sauk Valley Gets Early Summer

Summer arrived early across the Sauk Valley this year as high temperatures soared to near 90 degrees by the end of spring, very much above average for that time of year, and as we are all well aware this trend continues to be present with us right here in June. We can’t complain too much though as the poor folks in the southwestern U.S. have been baking for weeks with high temperatures in the 110s and in some cases near 120 degrees! Now that’s some serious heat!

Nitrogen + Lightning = Colorful Weather Win

I recently had a family member approach me on the subject of lightning and how quickly things green up after the first thunderstorm of the spring season.

Severe Storm Season Is Approaching

March offered the beautiful but teasing first taste of warmth this spring season.

Why So Many Variations In The Snowfall Forecast?

As I write this article, we are in the midst of receiving only our second healthy dose of snowfall accumulation for the season, as snow (in large amounts) has been hard to come by so far this winter. So I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to explain one of the bigger weather “headaches” that meteorologists face when it comes time to forecast snowfall amounts.

From The Publisher’s Desk: Please Help Us Serve You

The Sauk Valley Sun welcomes information from EVERY organization in the communities we serve, stories about people and stories about events.

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